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Alien limb is a condition which is associated with corticobasal degeneration, CBD, or corticobasal syndrome, CBS. One person's arm will suddenly seem to have a bit of a life of its own. They will be unaware of things on that side, the arm might become a bit jerky, might grab onto things, or it might just drift up into the air. This can cause a problem with caring. If people are coming into the home to help with washing and dressing, the arm has a life of its own. It might inappropriately touch people, grab people and hold on to them. This can cause quite a little distress, because the carers will often report back to Social Services, and it can become a bit of a safeguarding issue. 

So, it is just something to be aware of, to inform carers coming in that this can happen, and it is not something that people have any control over. It is very important that this is documented in their care plans and records, also when they go into hospital, to make sure that things are not put on that side where their locker is because the arm can just move things off. So, communicating with staff who are coming into the home, and if that person is going to a hospital is vital.