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People with PSP present with a variety of symptoms, some of them more subtle. Some of the symptoms are very similar to Parkinson's. The main one is bradykinesia, which is the slowness of movement, general slowing down, rigidity, rigidity in their upper limbs and in the neck. Most characteristic is people beginning to have difficulty with vision. So the vision, maybe some people mention they begin to get blurred vision or double vision. Trying to find the difference between Parkinson's and PSP can be very difficult and can take quite a lot of time. As time goes on, the clinical picture becomes more apparent, and then, of course, it is easy to diagnose. The main things we will be looking for is falls. People often present with early falls. These falls are usually backwards. People present with a lot of lacerations to the back of the head, they may fall up to four or five times a day, or more than that.

People presenting with Parkinson's usually fall very late in the condition if they are going to fall, and these falls are usually forwards. People with Parkinson's tend to have more of a stooped posture, and people with PSP are very bolt upright. They have got this axial rigidity, rigidity in the upper limbs and neck. When they are going to sit, they tend to throw themselves backwards, rather than lower themselves down in a controlled way. With PSP, there is no tremor, but again, some people with Parkinson's develop tremor. People might present with difficulties with executive function, planning activities, sequencing. People may notice their spouse in the kitchen, they might not be... Making a cup of tea, they might not put the teabag in the cup, or the sugar goes in with the milk. So subtle changes going on.