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It upsets me really when I think how I've gone from normal to this, in such a short time. Once you have it there's no getting away from it. You seem to have it and that's it. No cure. So you have to take each day as it comes regarding walking and such, which I can't do now. But I think it's cruel the way it curls one up. Yeah.

The difficulties I find caring for my mother and supporting my dad, who's the main carer for my mum, are numerous. She's got a crossover of PSP and CBD, and it's constantly us both thinking about the things that we can do to try and make her life a bit easier, or offer her some enjoyment in the day, or be stimulating to kind of her needs. But the list of ailments or conditions, I would say that she has, because she's got both symptoms of both of the conditions are quite extensive. So it's constant battling really to think about the things that we need to do to make sure she's comfortable, to make sure she's able to enjoy the time with the family, and that's generally for things like people visiting the house. So when we try and then think about, is it a good day that my mum's got, where we may be able to take her out, that just then gets multiplied into the logistics of trying to move somebody who's got quite a lot of disabilities.

According to my sons we have a lot of laughter and enjoyment and when I can, I like to go shopping, the weather permitting, and I just like to laugh and enjoy life as much as I can and I can enjoy it. It was a relief when I was diagnosed because the diagnosis had taken so long to get. I would have liked people to say to me, "Don't worry. You can still have a life and laugh at things because to laugh at the arm most days."