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The PSP Association, started by Mr Koe, whose wife had PSP. He discovered that in England, or the UK, there was actually no provision to support anybody with PSP or CBD, as later on, and therefore the charity was set up in his kitchen, amongst various friends, who could come together and actually start to look at how they could be supported. The charity's progressed considerably over the last few years since that time. We now have a central office in Towcester, where there's a helpline, and fundraising and other teams around. In the community, we have specialist care advisers, of which I'm one, and we're there to look, essentially, at bringing people together and ensuring they have all of the MDT, multidisciplinary groups, to come together and support the person with PSP or CBD. Research is funded by the PSP Association in order to eventually, hopefully, find a cure for PSP and CBD. We manage to do that with... We're fundraised only, we have no other grant, and therefore we rely completely on fundraising. There's one central office and we have five various areas in PSP.

We have a small fundraising team that manages to do a huge amount. Our biggest overarching fundraiser is the London Marathon, other than that we rely on legacies and grants. Our team of fundraisers tend to be people that have been affected by PSP or CBD, and we do find it's like a snowball effect, that the people who are affected by PSP then come onboard as fundraisers and do an amazing job for us really, to go out and raise awareness, and likewise raise funds. The money raised, in a large portion, goes towards research for ultimately finding a cure and also for supporting the person with PSP and CBD. And that could be the support groups and the helpline and the various literature that we offer.